How to purchase from Abe's of Maine

Ordering from Abe's is quick and easy!

To find the product you're looking for you can either search for your desired product using our smart search, located at the top right of our pages or you can choose to browse our categories located just below our header.

Just enter a search term, such as "Canon EOS 7D" and press the search glass, you will be taken to a page with the appropriate results.

Once you've found the product you wish to purchase, simply add that item to your cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.

Enabling Cookies and JavaScript:
In order to use Abe's Shopping cart, you must have cookies and JavaScript enabled on your browser.

Most browsers have an option to check/uncheck this setting by clicking on "Internet Options" or "preferences", The "Default Settings" are usually set to allow both cookies and JavaScript, contact your browsers documentary (help) for additional support.

What are Cookies?
A cookie or "HTTP Cookie" is a small (in relative size) text file, stored on your computer, which allows us to remember "what" and "how many" products you've added to your cart.
"HTTP Cookie" is a system which is built into your browser.

Why Enable JavaScript?
To assure your shopping experience at Abe's of Maine is comfortable and as easy possible, we may use JavaScript and or the jQuery library to assist in displaying/storing data.
Most likely this type of JavaScript is enabled on your browser by "default".

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