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Monster BSTVK1-HP Ultra Performance Big Screen TV Kit

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THE ROAD TO MONSTER PERFORMANCE If You Want the Best Possible Picture and Sound, Your Need Higher Performance Cable This kit contains a complete video cable set including both Monster Component video and Monster S-Video cable. You can use these cables to hook up an S-video source like DVD, as well as another video source such as your HDTV SET TOP BOX OR SATELLITE. Monster's video cables are precision manufactured for the highest quality picture using the highest quality dielectrics and manufacturing tolerances. Heavy-duty shielding ensures an interference free picture without the reflections and ghosting that might result with lesser cables. Monster's audio cable is also included for Monsterous Home Theatre Sound. Monster has been producing the highest quality audio interconnect cables for over 20 years. Using our Monster patented audio technologies, we are able to achieve maximum clarity, dynamics and resolution from today's movies. Monster Power for Monster Protection with a Monster Picture How Does Power Get Dirty? You shouldn't take for granted that all power coming into your house is pure. Your power passes through and makes plenty of stops before entering your home, picking up interference along the way, which can downgrade the performance of your electronic components. Household items also degrade your power source: appliances, air conditioners, power tools, the neighbor's garage door opener, even home theatre components themselves generate electro-magnetic interference and radio frequency noise which intensifies "dirty" AC power. Clean Up Your Act! Monster's HTS1000 features Clean Power Stage 2 circuitry that removes interference from your AC power for better sound and a cleaner looking picture. Designed by power guru, Richard Marsh, Clean Power Stage 2 circuitry provides power conditioning that will benefit your connected TV and audio equipment. Power Problems Strike Anytime, Anywhere, Get Monsterously Prepared Monster's Big Screen TV Kit is not only about performance, it's about protection. Many parts of the country are plagued with bad power, from surges to lightning that can destroy all of your components. Monster fully protects against power surges with fast-acting, high capacity Monster SurgeGuard circuitry that protects all connected components. We even include a Monster high speed phone cable to connect your satellite, TiVo® DVR or Ultimate TV unit, as well as two Monster coaxial cables for your satellite, antenna or cable TV. When it come to surge protection, Monster's HTS1000 has got you covered and then some. Monster's High Performance HTS1000 features advanced Monster Multiple SurgeGuard circuitry and full capacity surge protection. Multiple SurgeGuard circuitry prevents harmful surges and spikes before they reach your components. HTS1000 has 1665 joules of protection. In the unlikely event of a surge too big for SurgeGuard to handle, Dual Mode™ circuitry protects your components by completely disengaging the outlets they're connected to via a fast acting thermal fuse. An audible alarm alerts you that the Dual Mode protection has been activated and your equipment is safe. But Wait-There's More. The HTS1000 has a Monsterously heavy-duty power cord for high current carrying capacity, with eight convenient outlets. All of the outlets are labeled and color-coded so you get the right components in the right place. We even provided labels for the power cords themselves so you don't unplug the wrong component making you have to reset clock and programming. Monster Power is a "Gotta Have." Whether it's a full blown home theatre or a modest family room TV, Monster Power gives you all of the protection and convenience you need, and is an essential part of every TV system.

Monster Video specialized cleaning fluid removes oils, dust, and other residues with no streaking or smudging. 10 ft. Monster Internet cable for hookup of DSS to Monster PowerCenter for complete surge protection. 6 ft. Interlink 400 audio cable for clearer highs and deep, tight bass. High quality ScreenClean non-scratch cleaning cloth for crystal clear glass or plastic Big Screen or HDTV screens. Two 6 ft. Monster RG6 cable lets you hookup your satellite, DVD, VCR, or Ultimate TV to the PowerCenter.
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