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MAYTAG Jetclean(R) Plus Dishwasher with Silverware Blast

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(B)The Jetclean(R) Plus wash system and Silverware Blast(TM) spray jets make this dishwasher, with fully integrated controls, able to handle any challenge.(/B)(BR) (P)Blast your way to clean dishes. This Jetclean(R) Plus dishwasher uses high-pressure spray jets to remove tough food particles and a stainless steel chopper blade to pulverize food, preventing particles from plugging the wash system. Silverware Blast(TM) spray jets focus 3 times the water pressure directly onto silverware, helping ensure it comes out clean the first time. The SteamClean option uses high-pressure spray jets and high-heat steam to help get to those hard-to-reach places. The InstaWash(TM) cycle washes and rinses dishes in 30 minutes when time is short and soil is light. It also features fully integrated controls, a 2X Life tested motor 1 and a 10-year limited parts warranty 2 on the racks, stainless steel tub and chopper blade.(/P) (B)Top Features (/B)(BR) (B)Silverware Blast(TM) Spray Jets(/B)(BR) (P)Eliminate prerinsing-Exclusive spray jets focus 3 times the water pressure to clean your dirtiest silverware.(/P) (B)SteamClean Option(/B)(BR) (P)Get glassware clean with the power of steam-Uses high-heat steam and a high-temperature rinse to reduce spots on glassware.(/P) (B)Twice the Life Motor(/B)(BR) (P)This durable motor delivers years of dependable cleaning and has been tested to last twice as long as the average dishwasher life expectancy(/P)

  • Silverware Blast(TM) Spray Jets
  • Eliminate prerinsing-Exclusive spray jets focus 3 times the water pressure to clean your dirtiest silverware.
  • SteamClean Option
  • Get glassware clean with the power of steam-Uses high-heat steam and a high-temperature rinse to reduce spots on glassware.
  • Twice the Life Motor
  • This durable motor delivers years of dependable cleaning and has been tested to last twice as long as the average dishwasher life expectancy
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Available in select dishwashers. In addition to providing a high-end appearance, it helps retain heat for quicker drying in dishwashers.
  • Strong Grip Tiered Upper Rack
  • Improved strength-An updated design provides easy access and a modern look, plus the durability that Maytag brand is known for.
  • JetClean(R) Plus Wash System
  • Uses high-pressure spray jets to remove tough food particles. A stainless steel food chopper pulverizes food, preventing particles from plugging the wash system and spray jets. The filtration system captures tiny food particles to prevent redistribution during the cycle for optimal cleaning without the need to prerinse.
  • Premium Dark Duraguard(R) Nylon Racks
  • Help protect dishes-These heavy-duty racks protect dishes from scratches and damage while also resisting rust.
  • Fully Integrated Controls
  • Keep your kitchen looking streamlined-The durable control panel is tucked away, providing a strong, sleek exterior that lowers the possibility of unintended use.
  • NSF Certified Sanitize Option
  • Clean dishes with confidence-Ensures the wash cycle meets the criteria set forth by NSF International for eliminating 99.999% of food soil bacteria.
  • Auto Clean Plus Cycle
  • Eliminate guesswork. Sensors determine the soil level of the load as well as usage factors, such as door openings, time between cycles, soil level history and foam detection. Then the sensors automatically adjust water temperature, wash time and the number of fills for optimal cleaning.
  • ENERGY STAR(R) Qualified
  • Save money on utility bills-ENERGY STAR(R) qualified dishwashers use less water and energy.
  • Split & Fit(TM) Silverware Basket
  • Fits your needs. The silverware basket can be divided into two halves to fit almost any loading situation.
  • Oversize Capacity Plus Tall Tub
  • Wash more in each load-Clean items like cookie sheets, pitchers and mixing bowls in this oversized tub.
  • QuietSeries(TM) 400 Sound Package
  • Clean without disrupting your home. Extra-thick, specially designed sound absorbers on the top, back, sides and door of the dishwasher create a Seal of Silence(TM). Additional dampers, seals and dampening pads provide extra absorption of sound.
  • InstaWash(TM) Cycle
  • Washes and rinses dishes in 30 minutes when your time is short and soil is light. Does not include drying.
  • Adjustable Upper Rack
  • Customize each load-Racks can be adjusted up or down to accommodate the size of dishes in each load.
  • 14 Place Setting Capacity
  • Fit it all-Offers enough room to wash your plates, bowls, cups and silverware, even after a dinner party or large family gathering.
  • Fold-Away(TM) Tines
  • Makes room for large dishes-Securely holds plates and bowls in place or folds flat to make room for large items.
  • Heavy Wash Cycle
  • Wash heavily soiled items-The ideal cycle for pots and pans and heavily soiled dishes, like casseroles and baking sheets.
  • Normal Wash Cycle
  • Wash moderately soiled items-Provides just the right level of cleaning for your lightly-soiled or moderately-soiled dishes.
  • Light Wash Cycle
  • Wash lightly soiled items-Provides optimum cleaning for dishes that are typically lightly soiled, like cups and bowls.
  • 2-4-6 Hour Delay Start Option
  • Wash when you want-Automatically starts the dishwasher up to 6 hours later to accommodate your schedule.
  • Heated Dry Option
  • Choose your heat setting-Allows you to select a drying cycle that includes heat so that dishes are dry when you put them away.
  • High Temperature Wash Option
  • Adds an extra rinse and elevates the temperature to 145(degree)F by the end of the rinse cycle to help reduce water spots and remove any remaining particles.
  • Control Lockout
  • Prevent unwanted operation-This option will lock the dishwasher controls so that a cycle cannot be selected and the machine cannot be started by accidentally pressing the buttons.
  • Easy Latch
  • Prevent water leakage-This durable door latch will help prevent the door from popping open while a washing cycle is in progress.
  • Precision Clean(TM) Turbidity Sensor
  • Clean more effectively-The sensor monitor food soil, detergent, rinse aid and temperature, to deliver optimum washing and rinsing action for superb cleaning results.
  • Ball Tip Rack Tines with Cradle Cushion Grip
  • Protect your dishes-Rounded tips are gentle on dishes and hold them in place so dishes are less likely to be scratched.
  • Microprocessor Controls with Touch Pads
  • Simplify cycle selection-These touch pad controls offer seamless cycle selection with just a light press of the button.
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Eliminate guesswork-Provides the ideal temperature for each wash cycle offered, so you don't have to adjust water temperature according to the soil level of the load.
  • Removable Upper Rack
  • Customize each load-The upper rack can be completely removed to fit oversized items in the lower rack.
  • Rinse-Aid Dispenser
  • Worry less about dispensing rinse aid-Allows you to add rinse aid to the dishwasher, so it will automatically dispense it into the wash, providing improved drying action.
  • High-Side Lower Rack
  • Easily handles large dishes-Holds two 9 in. x 13 in. pans in an upright position for greater loading flexibility.
  • Stack-Rack Shelves
  • Increase loading flexibility-Items like casserole dishes stay stable while the folding shelf allows you to load smaller items on top.
  • 10 Year Limited Parts Warranty

Configuration and Overview
Capacity 14.0 Place Settings
The Maytag Difference
Rack Material DuraGuard Nylon
Tub Material Stainless Steel
Targeted Spray Option Spinner
Steam Option SteamClean
Silverware Blast Split & Fit Silverware Basket
Wash Sensor Auto Clean
Energy and Resource Savings
Energy Star(R) Qualified Energy Star Qualified
Style and Extras
Silverware Basket Location Split & Fit Silverware Basket
Food Disposer Type 4 Blade
Interior Finish Stainless Steel
Adjustable Upper Rack Heavy-Duty Adjusters
Cycle and Options
Number of Cycles 6
Heated Dry Option Heated Dry
Sanitize Option Sanitize
Glassware Cycle Light Wash
Depth 24 1/2
Width 23 7/8
Height 34 1/2
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