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AMEDJ GRVJBYARK Eight layer VJ software for real time video mixing loaded with a vast library of effects and generators. Supports most common media formats.

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GrandVJ is a real-time video mixing software that allows you to compose up to 8 layers of Video on the fly. Take any video from your hard drive, add effects to it and start making your own video show. GrandVJ’s ultra powerful video mixing engine allows seamless mixing of SD and HD video with sound and a vast library of effects and generators. Manipulate, trigger and mix video clips with sound, animated text strings or live cameras in much the same way as mixing music to create a spectacular audiovisual show. GrandVJ can mix up to 8 layers with a vast library of video effects and sound driven visual generators. The A/B crossfading mode with independent preview makes it incredibly flexible to perform live. GrandVJ runs on both PC and Mac and accepts all common video and image formats. Its intuitive interface lets you turn your keyboard into a super controller for zipping through the functions. Need more? GrandVJ’s learn mode makes it a breeze to set up any MIDI controller and with support for the network based OSC protocol, you can even control GrandVJ with an iPhone. Hook it up and start the show! With its intuitive MIDI mapping system, you can remotely control all operation using keyboards and controllers such as the Elation Midicon. It’s the perfect VJ solution!



  •  Powerful video-mixing software
  •  High resolution output
  •  Supports the most common media formats including Quicktime, Mpeg2, Mpeg4,
  • kv, Vob, WMV, and Flash text animations
  •  State of the art multi-threaded hardware accelerated graphical engine
  •  A unique, easy-to-control, customizable interface
  •  Enhanced mixer mode with A/B deck and independent preview
  •  Multi-screen support
  •  Multiple camera support
  •  Hardware accelerated video engine
  •  Takes advantage of multi-core CPU’s
  •  MAC and PC compatible




  •  OS: Windows™ XP, Vista or 7.
  •  Processor: Pentium™ IV 2.66Ghz / Core Duo 1.83Ghz recommended.
  •  RAM: 1GB, 2GB recommended.
  •  Media Component: QuickTime™ 7.x (and up), Adobe FlashPlayer™ 9.0
  • (and up), DirectX™ 9.0c (and up).


  •  OS: Mac OS X 10.5 (and up).
  •  Processor: Any Intel Mac, Core Duo 1.83Ghz (and up).
  •  RAM: 1GB, 2GB recommended.
  •  Media Component: QuickTime™ 7.x (and up), Adobe FlashPlayer™ 9.0 (and up).


  •  Graphics processor: 3D accelerated graphics card required: nVidia
  • GeForceFX 5200 (and up), Ati Radeaon 9200 (and up), Intel GMA 950 (and
  • up)
  •  Free Space: 80MB - 1.5GB depending on the installer options.
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