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Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector

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Most children, at one point or another, embark on a treasure hunt. They dig in the sand at the beach, or in the flower boxes at home, hoping to find a pirate's booty, an Egyptian King's tomb, or a lost toy. As children grow, the meaning of treasure evolves from mythical wooden chests stuffed with gold into more commonplace articles, but the hunt maintains that sense of adventure. For those who covet treasures of the metal variety, Bounty Hunter offers their Lone Star metal detector. Those individuals who prize Mother Earth also benefit from the detector, redirecting littered cans to the recycling bin.

The detector scans using a waterproof 8-inch coil on an ergonomic S-rod. Moving the coil levelly over the ground or water, the unit detects small items up to 8 inches below and larger items up to 3 feet under. Three different operation modes further assist the bounty hunter. For indiscriminate prospecting, press the "all metal" button on the detector's touch pad, while selecting "auto notch" eliminates most pull-tabs and trash items from detection. The "discriminate notch" method eradicates iron and trash and allows the user to manually adjust the DISC/NOTCH knob to rule out other metals. The detector deciphers a target's metal composition both visually on the LCD screen, and audibly with a tone through the built-in speakers. A low tone indicates nails, bottle caps, gold or nickel while a medium tone suggests pull-tabs, zinc, and post-1982 pennies. High tones denote copper, silver, brass, and pre-1982 pennies. A headphone jack is installed. Headphones must be purchased separately, as must the two 9-volt alkaline batteries that power the detector. This item is covered under a five-year warranty. The USA-made detector measures 28.7 by 10.5 by 6.7 inches upon shipping and weighs 4.6 pounds.

Made in the USA
  • Made in the USA; this item requires the separate purchase of 2 9-volt batteries
  • From Bounty Hunter, metal detector with S-rod design for coin, litter, and relic collection
  • Scans ground and water with a waterproof 8-inch diameter coil; detects items 8 inches to 3 feet underground
  • Touch pad controls offer all metal, auto notch, and discriminate notch operations; knobs allow manual discrimination
  • Detector senses different metals and indicates which by 3 different tones and LCD display
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