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BLUE Bottle - Tube Condenser Studio Microphone w/Option of Interchangeable Capsules

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The Bottle, our highest achievement in quality and innovation, is our flagship recording tool, combining low noise and superb transient response integrated with a system of eight optional interchangeable capsules (the Bottle Caps). In an instant, these bayonet-mount capsules can be exchanged to provide different tonal characteristics and pickup patterns while the power supply remains on. The Class A discrete amplifier circuit of The Bottle is a thoroughly modern homage to the past, with a design utilizing a single hand-selected EF86 pentode vacuum tube in triode mode. When combined with the versatility of our Bottle Caps, The Bottle provides the ultimate recording experience. In keeping with our philosophy of sonic purity and fidelity, we do not incorporate pads or filters into The Bottle. Rather, we believe that proper mic selection and placement eliminate the need for such extraneous circuits which only degrade signal integrity.


  • The ultimate in hand-built craftsmanship
  • Class A discrete amplifier circuit with hand-selected EF86 pentode vacuum tube in triode mode
  • Mic system - allows for various capsules to be swapped "on the fly" for maximum versatility
  • ntegrated capsule shockmounting
  • Hand tuned and tested
  • Custom-wound output transformer


  • Type: Condenser
  • Polar Patterns: Cardiod, Omni, and Fig8
  • Internal Roll Off: No
  • Internal Pad: No
  • Max SPL: 134db
  • Frequency Response: Varies from each capsule
  • Suggested Applications: Audiophile Recording
  • Special Features:
  • 8 Interchangeable Lollipop capsules, ATA Flight Case, Champagne Tube
  • Mic Cable, 9610 Tube Mic PS, ships with B6 Capsule
  • Optional Accessories:
  • Capsule Retail $999.00 (Except B4 Retail: $1199.00)
  • B0: Cardioid large diaphragm "The Ultimate Big Vocal Sound"
  • B1: Cardioid small diaphragm "The Accuracy Plus Capsule"
  • B2: Figure of Eight large diaphragm "The Vintage Capsule"
  • B3: Cardioid mid-sized diaphragm "The Neutral Capsule"
  • B4: Perspex sphere pressure Omni small diaphragm "The Big Omni"
  • B5: Pressure Omni large diaphragm "The Presence Omni"
  • B6: Cardioid large
  • B7: Cardioid large diaphragm single backplate "The Classic Vocal Sound"
Included in the box with this product:
  • B6 capsule
  • our renowned 9610 Tube Power Supply
  • Champagne tube mic cable
  • ATA flight case
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    Bottle - Tube Condenser Studio Microphone w/Option of Interchangeable Capsules
    Model#: BLBOTTLE
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