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The Curt Mangan Company believes all players deserve and demand a premium string with sonic clarity like no other. After being part of a major string companies team for 17 years, Curt decided is was time to produce strings that are FusionMatched and create a tone that is pure a perfect. FusionMatched is our trademarked proprietary method that conbines the highest quality, 100% made in the USA wire and 100% USA workmanship to produce strings with exacting core-to-wrap ratios and tolerances.

"Real Strings Real Tone" "That what we do. We did not reinvent the string, but we make the best string money can buy and we make it the same way from the same materials every time. We do not shop around for the lowest price on wire. We purchase our premium wire from the same source... all the time. We do not coat our strings and we do not follow several automatic manufactoring techniques that may actually increase string breakage. All of this helps provide strings with maximum longevity. Our Strings are not for everyone, but they are perfect for those tired of mass-marketed products and manufactoring mediocrity, String tone is our passion as guitar players and as string indusrty veterans. Curt Mangan FusionMatched strings are the best strings, period!"

NICKEL WOUND SET. STRING GUAGES: .010-.013-.017-.030w-.042-.052
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