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FRIEDRICH Kuhl Series SQ08N10 7,500 BTU Room Air Conditioner with 10.8 EER, R-410A Refrigerant

SKU #: FRISQ08N10 | Part #: SQ08N10
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When designing Kühl, our engineers challenged convention to develop the most advanced window air conditioner on the market. Kühl combines sophisticated controls, unrivalled quality, energy efficiency, and unmatched durability in one sleek performer.


You’ll find more options, features and ways to customize your cooling experience than you ever thought possible in a window air conditioning solution.


Kühl Control.


  • Kühl is the first window air conditioner to provide the programmability and convenience of a central air conditioning system. An advanced 7-day programmable thermostat lets you program up to four settings daily, allowing each day of the week to have its own schedule. Easily adjust the temperature by using the arrow buttons on the unit’s LCD panel or the wireless remote from across the room. Or choose to wire one or more units to a wall thermostat for simple, centralized control. Kühl can raise the room temperature while you’re out and still have it back to a perfect 72° before you return. Save energy, money and maintain total control of your environment every day. Kühl control is also evident in the product’s design. Kühl’s engineers developed the unit’s 8 directional louvers to be deeper and more robust to optimize airflow placement within a space. And Kühl features both a fresh-air intake vent and an exhaust vent that give you additional comfort options.




Kühl Construction.


  • For over 125 years, Friedrich products have been renowned for their commercial-grade, built-to-last design. Advanced engineering, high-end materials and components, and rigorous product testing are just a few examples of Friedrich's commitment to quality. When designing Kühl, our engineers challenged convention to develop the very best window air conditioner on the market. Kühl incorporates high-end materials like heavy-gauge galvanized steel, rifled copper tubing, and high-tech aluminum fins. Kühl also uses the most durable components to extend the life of your air conditioner, including fully enclosed fan motors that seal out dirt, and powerful, energy-efficient compressors, which make Kühl as tough an air conditioner as we’ve ever built.




Kühl Quiet.


  • Kühl has been painstakingly engineered for ultra quiet operation. Materials have been chosen because of their sound-absorption properties and every moving part has been braced and insulated. For example, extra thick rubber grommets absorb vibration and reduce noise inside, while steel inner walls and extra dense insulation block outdoor noise. Rugged hardboard side panels help reduce noise and keep out light. The unique air path is more streamlined, drawing air through the sides, away from moving parts. And our larger discharge vents allow for smoother airflow, delivering maximum conditioned air quietly.




Kühl Purity.


  • Kühl’s advanced dual-stage filtration system removes allergens, odors, ozone and other impurities from the air. By combining the optional carbon filter with the standard antimicrobial filter, Kühl achieves lab-tested superior air filtration with ratings as high as MERV 6. Use the fresh-air vent and the exhaust vent for additional air-quality control.


  • When both vents are closed, Kühl cleans and conditions the air in your space. Open the fresh-air vent and Kühl purifies and conditions a moderate amount of outdoor air along with the air in your room. Use the exhaust vent to release stale air and odors outside.




Kühl Comfort.


  • The most comfortable temperature is the one you never notice. Kühl uses five built-in environmental sensors to more accurately monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures so that it can maintain your ideal settings.


  • Kühl+ models have the ability to cool or heat as needed so units can operate as year-round central systems. And, like the most advanced central systems, Kühl+ has auto-changeover, which allows the unit to automatically switch between air conditioning and heating functions to maintain the desired comfort level. You won’t have to lift a finger.


  • Plus, Kühl's air flow systems are tested for powerful and precise air distribution which means faster cooling when you need it most.




Kühl Efficiency.


  • Kühl is our most environmentally friendly air conditioner to date. It operates up to 20% more efficiently than many competitive units, delivering more cooling capacity while using less energy. Further, some models meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines. Kühl uses non-ozone-depleting R-410A refrigerant, and all models even adhere to strict European RoHS requirements. Being energy efficient is better for the planet as well as your wallet.



Comfort and Convenience


  • Control your unit from your smartphone, computer or tablet


  • Create customized 7-day schedules


  • 24-hour timer


  • Optional wired wall thermostat


  • Group units for zone or centralized control using FriedrichLink™


  • 4 cooling and fan speeds**


  • Automatic fan speed adjustment


  • Auto-changeover on heat pumps and models with electric heat*


  • Comfortwatch technology samples the air to more accurately maintain the set temperature


  • 8-way airflow control


  • Display set point or room temperature


  • LCD panel auto dims when not in use


  • Nightlight mode






  • Scratch resistant, painted 20-gauge steel cabinet resists corrosion and rust


  • Solid sleeve top keeps out falling debris*


  • Solid steel blower wheel housing


  • Commercial grade fan motor run at lower temps for longer life


  • Fan motor is totally enclosed for maximum protection


  • Exclusive aluminum rear grille protects against vandalism and damage


  • Firm grip handles for easier installation and maintenance


  • Aluminum endplates prevent rust


  • Solid steel base pans and inner walls


  • Robust construction does not rely on outer sleeve for support




Sound Reduction Technology


  • Extra thick rubber grommets absorb vibration and reduce noise inside, while steel inner walls and extra dense insulation block outdoor noise


  • Unique airflow path minimizes operating sound


  • Larger discharge vents allow conditioned air to move more quietly




Installation Features


  • Can be installed in window or thru-the-wall (depending on wall thickness)


  • Slideout chassis design, including firm grip handles, makes installation and maintenance much easier


  • Rugged hardboard side panels allow for a more permanent installation


  • Front cover designed to allow power cord to exit left or right out of the unit


  • Heavy-duty installation hardware


  • Front cover attaches easily and securely; nut driver included


  • Powercord can run left or right for more installation options




Superior Filtration


  • Advanced dual-stage carbon superior filtration system removes allergens, odors, ozone and other impurities from the air


  • In lab testing, combining the the optional carbon filter with the standard antimicrobial filter achieved a superior air filtration rating of MERV 6


  • Fresh air and exhaust vents offer additional air quality control


  • Maintenance made easy by hinged filter door access, and a check filter reminder




Safety and Security Features


  • EntryGard™ anti-intrusion protection prevents kick-in by securing the unit in the sleeve; a protective rear grille shields the unit


  • Insect barrier keeps out smaller intruders


  • LCDI power cord


  • Protective rear grille




Earth Friendly


  • Smart Grid Capable


  • Two optional energy management schedules


  • Auto Fan mode saves money by conserving energy


  • Ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant


  • RoHS compliant


  • ENERGY STAR® qualified models, including Heat Pumps


  • Recyclable packaging




Unique Digital Control System


  • Precision control over all Kuhl's functions.







  • Cooling Capacity: 7,500 BTU


  • Heating Capacity: N/A


  • Volts Rated: 115 Volts


  • Cooling Amps: 6.1 Amps


  • Cooling Watts: 700 Watts


  • Heating Amps: N/A


  • Heating Watts: N/A


  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (ERR): 10.8


  • COP: N/A


  • Moisture Removal: 1.2 Pints/Hr.


  • Room Side Air Circulation: 240 CFM


  • Sleeve Type: Q


  • Net Weight: 71 Lbs.


  • Shipping Weight: 84 Lbs.


  • Circuit Rating/Breaker


  • Circuit Rating Breaker or T-D Fuse: 125V - 15A


  • Plug Face (NEMA#): 5-15P


  • Power Cord Length: 6 Ft.






  • Overall Width: 19 3/4"


  • Overall Depth with Front: 21 3/8"


  • Overall Height: 14"


  • Shell Depth To Louvers: 8 1/2"


  • Min. Extension Into Room: 5 1/2"


  • Min. Extension Outside: 10 3/4"


  • Window Width: 22" Min. - 42" Max.


  • In-Wall Finished Hole Width: 20"


  • In-Wall Finished Hole Depth: 8 1/2" Max.


  • In-Wall Finished Hole Height: 14 1/4"
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