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Si-Tex AISBLACKBOX - Assists in Monitoring, Management and Collision Prevention!

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The AIS Black Box receiver connects to your SI-TEX ColorMax 6, ColorMax Wide, ColorMax 11, Navmate, Trawl Plot 12 or Explorer Plus Charting Systems to receive VHF transmissions from vessels carrying AIS transponders to display target data from an unlimited number of vessels and overlay AIS target data on marine charts. In addition, included SeaClear Charting software gives you the capability of displaying the AIS vessel data on your PC mariner charts plus the receiver also works with many PC software applicatons that have AIS capabilites in their software.

Standard Features

  • Any vessel on the screen can be selected to display vessel's MMSI number, name, course over ground, speed over ground, range, latitude and longitude.
  • Each vessels status is independently labeled so the user can see if a vessel is underway, at anchor, fishing etc. This information is sent continuously and is useful in navigating, tracffic monitoring and collision prevention.
  • Receives NMEA input (RMC) from the vessels GPS which puts the user at the center screen. All other AIS carrying vessels are displayed with bearing and range relative to the user.
  • Zoom feature allows 6 ranges to be selected from 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 NM.
  • An alarm can be selected to give an audible warning if a vessel enters a preset range ring.
  • 161.975 and 162.02 MHz operation.
  • Easy to install and requires optional standard marine VHF antenna.
  • It is a receive only unit and designed for voluntary fittings on recreational vessels and light commercial veseels not needing the mandated class "A" AIS units.
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