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Samsung DMT800RHS Semi-Integrated Dishwasher with 6 Wash Cycles - Stainless Steel

SKU #: SSGDMT800RHS | Part #: DMT800RHS
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(B) Quietest dishwasher in its class (/B) (P)This is one of the quietest dishwashers in its class. This dishwasher has a special insulation system that minimizes noise so it won"t disturb you as it runs. It"s so quiet, you can leave it on while your children do homework at the kitchen table or you have a conversation with dinner guests.(/P) (B) Don't pre-rinse, StormWash instead (/B) (P)This heavy-duty wash system saves you time because there"s no need to pre-rinse. Powerful rotating spray jets are perfectly positioned to clean at every angle. Simply place hard-to-clean items above the StormWash wheel on the bottom rack and it scrubs them for you.(/P) (B) Steel tub speeds drying and resists staining (/B) (P) The beautiful and functional stainless steel tub resists staining and improves the drying function by holding in heat. It also cleverly conceals the heating element, which is both functional and practical, allowing you to wash and dry plastics on the lower rack.(/P) (B) More flexible design (/B) (P)Loading and unloading is easier thanks to upper racks with cup shelves and clips, plus removable tines on both upper and lower racks. You also get the flexibility of a two-piece silverware basket to organize utensils so they get even cleaner.(/P) (B) Small leak detector with auto shut-off (/B) (P) Many dishwashers require a leak significant enough to raise a "float" before they shut off. This dishwasher can sense a leak of only 1 and 1/2 ounces and shut itself off before water can escape and cause floor damage. Leaks are rare but protecting against them provides peace of mind.(/P) (B) ENERGY STAR(R) compliant (/B) (P) ENERGY STAR(R) compliance not only helps the environment, it helps save you money by lowering your water and energy consumption.(/P) (B) Concealed heating prevents burns and protects plastics (/B) (P)The concealed heating component protects you from painful burns and keeps plastic containers from melting.(/P)


Quick Wash
Ball Tipped Tines
Touch Screen Control Panel Style
Hidden Control Type
Blue & STSS Wrap Handle Type
Hidden Heater Position
Nylon 12 Rack Coating
304SS Tub Material
White Color
25 1"4" Depth
33 7"8"- 35 7"8" (height is adjustable)
23 7/8" Wide
28 7/8" Shipping Depth
37 3/4" Shipping Height
27 1/4" Shipping Width
90% Dry Efficiency
86% Wash Efficiency
Auto Clean Sensor Technology
Twin Fan Condensing Drying System
Food Disposer
49 decibels Quiet Operating Volume
Smart Auto Wash
2-Stage Filtration
3 Spray Wash Arms (Upper, Middle, Lower)
6 Wash Cycles
Water Leakage Sensor
Delicate / China
Heavy / Pots & Pans Cycle
Normal Cycle
14 Place Settings Capacity
Quick Wash
Lower Rack
4 Fold-Down Tines
1 Removable Tines
2 Piece Silverware Basket Type
Cup Shelf
Cancel & Drain
Child Lock
NSF-Certified Sanitization
Energy Star Compliant
279kWh/year Energy Consumption
Upper Rack
Adjustable Height (in)
2 Cup Clips
2 Cup Shelves
2 Fold-Down Tines
1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
5 Years Limited on printed circuit board and interior nylon racks
Lifetime limited warranty on stainless steel door liner and tub for leakage
Weighs 108 lbs
124.5 Lbs. Shipping Weight
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