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(B)The only commercial-grade room air conditioning (/B)(BR) (P)From components and construction to testing and performance, there s simply no other room air conditioner like Kuhl.(/P) (P)We challenged our engineering team to abandon conventional thinking and create the ultimate, commercial-grade room air conditioner. It had to be durable and high-performing, yet quiet. The design had to be cutting edge. And we insisted on unique features that would take comfort, indoor air quality and energy management to unprecedented levels.(/P) (P) (/P)(BR)(B)Introducing Kuhl(/B)(BR) (P)After more than two years of R&D and rigorous testing , we unveiled Kuhl. The line has 12 ENERGY STAR(R)-qualified models with cooling-only models and models with heat (heat pump or electric heat) in a full range of capacities. Our Sizing Guide and Specifications by Model will help you select the appropriate cooling and/or heating capacity.(/P) (P)Everything about these category-leading units is designed for maximum quality, ease and control. From the 20-gauge steel cabinet and fully enclosed fan motors to the 7-day programmability and LCD lockout, Kuhl is the ultimate in room air conditioning.(/P) (P)Call a distributor and put Kuhl to work in your commercial space. Our North American factory is only hours from our distribution center not overseas for fast delivery.(/P) (UL) (LI) (B)Kühl Control.(/B)(BR) (P) (/P) (B)Rugged, easy-to-use controls let you customize or keep it simple(/B)(BR) (P)Kuhl has four operating modes that put full control in your hands, from manual to energy-saving 7-day programmable settings.(/P) (P)Manual: Use the unit controls or remote to turn the unit on and off and to adjust the temperature.(/P) (P)7-day Default Program: Pre-set to ENERGY STAR(R) recommendations. Optimizes energy saving at night when the building is unoccupied.(/P) (P)7-day Custom Program: Set up to four comfort settings per day and a shut-off option when the building is unoccupied.(/P) (P)Wired to a wall thermostat: For hard-to-reach installations or spaces with hot spots. The wall thermostat operates the unit and overrides the unit control panel.(/P) (P)For additional energy management and cost control, the LCD lockout feature prohibits occupants from changing your desired temperature setting.(/P) (P)To ensure long-term ease of use and durability, we put the electronic controls through rigorous testing.(/P) (/LI) (LI) (B)Kühl Components.(/B)(BR) (P) (/P) (B)Superior components and construction. Attention to every detail.(/B)(BR) (P)Every aspect of Kuhl is ultra-premium, outside and in, down to the tiniest component. Constructed with only the finest-quality materials, Kuhl is extremely durable and designed to withstand tough use in virtually any commercial setting.(/P) (P)Outside: Kuhl s exterior is designed to prolong unit life.(/P) (UL) (LI)Heavy 20-gauge steel cabinet(/LI) (LI)Solid sleeve top protects the fan from debris(/LI) (LI)Distinctive rear aluminum grille protects the unit from damage and vandalism.(/LI) (LI)Aluminum endplates prevent rusted condensate from pooling in the drain pan, and eliminate rust stains on buildings.(/LI) (/UL) (P)Inside: You ll find some of the most sophisticated, wear-resistant components inside every Kuhl.(/P) (UL) (LI)Robust, totally enclosed fan motors run at lower temperatures to prevent overheating.(/LI) (LI)Sealed controls enhance durability.(/LI) (/UL) (P)Plus, Kuhl s firm-grip interior handles make it easy to grasp the chassis during installation and removal.(/P) (/LI) (LI) (B)Kuhl Efficiency(/B)(BR) (P)From programmability to the refrigeration system, Kuhl is designed to reduce energy consumption.(/P) (UL) (LI)Auto Fan mode saves money by conserving energy(/LI) (LI)12 ENERGY STAR(R)-qualified models, including all four heat pumps(/LI) (LI)24V low-voltage interface for wall thermostat or energy management control(/LI) (LI)Environmentally-friendly R-410A refrigerant used in all models(/LI) (LI)High-tech rifled copper tubing and slit fins have greater surface area for maximum heat-exchange efficiency.(/LI) (/UL) (/LI) (LI) (B)Kuhl Quiet(/B)(BR) (P)Gaps, insufficient insulation, and improperly mounted moving parts can contribute to operational noise. We designed Kuhl to minimize noise-causing vibration, outdoor noise intrusion and operating noise, while maintaining optimal air flow. Every unit has these important noise-reduction features:(/P) (UL) (LI)Motor mount: The dual resilient rings prevent the metal-to-metal contact that causes noise and vibration(/LI) (LI)High-efficiency compressors: Mounted on extra-thick rubber grommets that absorb vibration(/LI) (LI)Solid-steel blower wheel housing: Provides maximum sound reduction(/LI) (LI)Steel inner wall, insulated plenum, heavy-duty hardboard side panels and extra dense insulation: Blocks outdoor noise(/LI) (LI)Air discharge: Wider openings and better airflow design minimize airflow noise(/LI) (/UL) (/LI) (LI) (B)Kühl Purity.(/B)(BR) (P) (/P) (P)Kühl's advanced dual-stage filtration system removes allergens, odors, ozone and other impurities from the air. By combining the optional carbon filter with the standard antimicrobial filter, Kühl achieves lab-tested superior air filtration with ratings as high as MERV 6. Use the fresh-air vent and the exhaust vent for additional air-quality control.(/P) (P)When both vents are closed, Kühl cleans and conditions the air in your space. Open the fresh-air vent and Kühl purifies and conditions a moderate amount of outdoor air along with the air in your room. Use the exhaust vent to release stale air and odors outside.(/P) (/LI) (LI) (B)Kühl Comfort.(/B)(BR) (P)The most comfortable temperature is the one you never notice. Kühl uses five built-in environmental sensors to more accurately monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures so that it can maintain your ideal settings.(/P) (P)Kühl+ models have the ability to cool or heat as needed so units can operate as year-round central systems. And, like the most advanced central systems, Kühl+ has auto-changeover, which allows the unit to automatically switch between air conditioning and heating functions to maintain the desired comfort level. You won't have to lift a finger.(/P) (P)Plus, Kühl's air flow systems are tested for powerful and precise air distribution which means faster cooling when you need it most.(/P) (P) (/P)(/LI) (LI) (B)Kühl Testing.(/B)(BR) (B)Rigorous testing, ongoing quality control(/B)(BR) (P)Before Kuhl hit the market, we carried out a punishing battery of tests in a UL-certified lab. We continue to test, refine and improve because our commitment to quality and to our customers demands it.(/P) (UL) (LI)(B)Airflow(/B): Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and validated empirical testing, including infrared thermography and smoke-trace analysis, to ensure maximum, uniform, directionally correct airflow(/LI) (LI)(B)Capacity and Energy Efficiency(/B): Confirmed in accordance with AHAM RAC-1 and DOE test requirements(/LI) (LI)(B)Carbon filter(/B): Gas Phase Capacity Test, VOC removal per IBR TM P300(/LI) (LI)(B)Compressor(/B): Stress tests for reliability(/LI) (LI)(B)Electronic control hardware and software(/B): Hardware systems endured extreme short-circuit, over-and-under voltage, high temperature, radiated emissions and electromagnetic pulse-spike susceptibility. Software tested using regression methodology to ensure logic and control states are achieved as designed.(/LI) (LI)(B)Filter Capture(/B): Efficiency rated per ASHRAE Standard 52.2(/LI) (LI)(B)Louvers(/B): Cycle-tested for reliability(/LI) (LI)(B)Packaging(/B): Shaken, dropped, crashed and transit-tested to prevent damage during shipping and handling; results exceeded ISTA standards(/LI) (LI)(B)Refrigeration and mechanical system(/B): Accelerated life tests in extreme environmental conditions and at abnormal cycle rates simulated long-term use and measured durability(/LI) (LI)(B)Sound performance(/B): In accordance with ARI 350 sound-performance rating of non-ducted indoor AC equipment(/LI) (LI)(B)Unit field testing(/B): Provided c


Model SS12M30A
Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr) 11500/11200
Heating Capacity (Btu/hr) n/a
EER 10.9/10.9
Energy Star Qualified Yes
Min. Extension Into Room 5 3/4"
Min. Extension Outside 16 15/16"
Unit Dimensions
Height 15 15/16"
Width 25 15/16"
Depth 29"
Window Dimensions
Min. height
Min. width 27 3/8"
Max. width 42"
In-Wall Installation
Opening height 16 3/16"
Opening width 26 3/16"
Max. wall depth 7 3/8"
Additional Measurement Information
Depth to Louvers 8 3/4"
Sleeve Size S
Detailed Electrical Information
Voltage 230/208
Cooling Amps 4.8/4.9 amps
Air Circulation 275 cubic feet per minute
Est. Yearly Operating Costs $84
Moisture Removal 2.8 pints/hour
Net Weight 112 lbs
Operating Temperatures (Cooling) 60
Operating Temperatures (Heating) n/a
Performance Certifications AHAM, UL, cUL
Remote Thermostat Compatible Yes
Shipping Weight 133 lbs
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