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AMEDJ HZGENERATOR Heaterless fog machine. Enhances special effects light beams. Odorless. Oil baseliquid only. Includes timer remote.

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The Haze Generator is a heater less fog machine that produces an even mist of fog instantly. No warm-up time necessary. Great for stage performances, bands, clubs, bowling centers, etc. Haze is preferred over fog for several reasons. A fog machine uses a heater which actually produces smoke and frequently can be irritating to people. Haze machines use compressors to create mist which is far less of an irritant than fog. Best of all Haze machines offer a more dense mist which is more ideal for enhancing the look of your light show. Oil is the best base hands down for any light display.



  •  The Haze Generator™ is a heaterless fog machine that produces an even mist of fog instantly
  •  No warm-up time necessary
  •  Great for stage performances, bands, clubs, bowling centers etc.
  •  30 foot remote control with timer, haze duration, and interval control
  •  Tank capacity: 1.25 liter
  •  Output: 1,000 cubic feet per minute
  •  Dimensions: 19" x 9.75" x 9.25"
  •  Weight: 27 lbs.
  •  Available in 120V or 220V operation
  •  Uses Haze/G™ oil base liquid only
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