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FRIEDRICH M36QYF WallMount Quad Zone 35,000 BTU Air Conditioner

SKU #: FRIM36QYF | Part #: M36QYF
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Independently condition 4 separate zones with 4 indoor and a single outdoor unit. Ductless split zone cooling systems trump central air with their flexibility, individual room controls and high energy efficiency. No more fighting over the thermostat.


WallMount Quad Zone Systems Features

  • Heat pump system includes four 8800 BTU/h indoor unit and a single 36,000 BTU/h outdoor unit. SEER rating 15.0
  • No expensive, messy and disruptive duct construction.
  • Unlike traditional window air conditioners, ductless split systems leave window views unobstructed. And, because these are permanent installations, there is nothing to remove or store over the winter.
  • Exceptional energy efficiency is the result of high tech Inverter Technology. Systems use only the power they need to reach the desired set point. Turn off units in unoccupied rooms to save even more.
  • Ductless systems keep the operating noise of the condenser unit outdoors.
  • Auto-swing louvers and air sweep operation keep cool air cirulating throughout the room.
  • Auto-shut flaps maintain a sleek appearance when the unit is not running.
  • Wireless remote controls with 24-hour timer and sleep timer for independent operation of each indoor unit allows easy operation regardless of where you choose to place your indoor units.
  • Washable, reusable air filters.
  • Removable front grilles for easier maintenance.
  • Heat pump models automatically change over to heating when needed to maintain desired room temperature.
  • 4 fan speeds plus auto-fan for extra comfort


BTU Cooling 35200
SEER 15.0
Cooling Amps n/a
Moisture Removal 2.9/2.9/2.9/2.9 pints/hour
Net Weight 243 lbs
Plug Face n/a
Energy Star n/a
Volts 230/208
Cooling Watts 3900
Room Air Circulation 295/295/295/295 CFM
Circuit Breaker Rating 30

Model Configuration:
Quad-Zone model number M36QYF has 35,200 BTU and features one outdoor unit (MR36TQY3F) and four 9,000 BTU indoor units (MW09Y3FM).


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