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WHIRLPOOL 17.5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer with Three Storage Baskets

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Preserve the environment and your food with this 18 cu. ft. capacity chest freezer. Not only is it ENERGY STAR qualified, it also features rounded interior corners, and with its 5-sided coils that wrap around the entire freezer, you'll also have peace of mind knowing food inside is nice and cold.


 ENERGY STAR Qualified

  •  Whirlpool Freezers with ENERGY STAR Qualification operate more efficiently than federal minimum efficiency standards require, and provide significant savings in energy costs.

 Temperature Monitor Alarm

  •  Store your frozen foods in a temperature-monitored freezer. An alarm will sound if the temperature goes below safe freezer temperatures.

 Key-Eject Lock

  •  This is fail-safe security as the door/lid opens only when you insert the key and push while turning.

 Defrost Drain with Cover

  •  When it's time to defrost your freezer, the defrost drain makes it quick and easy with virtually no mess or hassle.

 More Features

  •  3 Large Blue Slide and Store Upper Baskets
  •  Interior Light



Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 54"
  • Depth: 29 5/16"
  • Height: 34 3/4"
  • Gross Weight: 184 lbs.


  • ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes
  • Capacity: 18.0 cu. f
  • Defrost: Manual w/ Drain
  • Temperature Monitor Alarm: Yes
  • Large Blue Slide and Store Upper Baskets: 3
  • Power "On" Light: Yes
  • Interior Light: Yes
  • Key-Eject Lock: Yes
  • Defrost Drain w/ Cover: Yes
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