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BR0412W1A Breeze Ductless 4000-12000 BTU

BR0412W1A Breeze Ductless 4000-12000 BTU

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Breeze™, a new easy-to-install, two-piece air conditioner (called a ductless split system), keeps it simple.Choose from 2 sizes—small or large—and whether to install it through-the-wall or through-the-window. Breeze™ will even reach a 2nd floor or basement. And because of its revolutionary design, you can take it with you if you move. Top these convenience factors off with ultra-high efficiency variable capacity performance and remarkably quiet operation, and it's easy to see where Breeze™ gets its name.

Breeze Simplicity.


  • Unlike other air conditioners that have to be precisely sized, Breeze comes in two capacities: small and large. The small system works well for spaces that are 100-550 square feet and the large system is designed for spaces that are from 550 to 1500 square feet. Each system will automatically adjust to your needs. And, the entire system comes with everything you need in just one box: the indoor unit with the 25' quick-connect line, the outdoor unit, outdoor unit mounting pad, hardware, and LCD remote control. The box has even been specially designed to fit through narrow doorways. Best of all, the installation is a snap. Breeze. It's that easy.




Breeze Quiet.


  • Breeze systems are quieter than window or thru-the-wall units because the compressor noise is outside in the condenser unit. All you hear indoors is the fan. And, outdoor noise intrusion is also minimized because the small window and wall openings can be well insulated.




Breezy Installation.


  • The revolutionary, patent-pending quick connect line set makes installation faster and easier than many other room air conditioner solutions. You'll spend less time getting the system up and running.




Breeze Flexibility.


  • Breeze works in some places where other air conditioners can't be installed—interior rooms and rooms without windows or outside walls. Installation options are numerous: thru-the-wall, thru-the-window, rooms without windows, basements, second floors, even some attics.




Breeze Mobility.


  • Unlike traditional ductless split systems, Breeze can be disconnected and moved. Remarkably, this is one split system that you can take with you.




Breeze Efficiency.


  • Breeze takes energy efficiency to a whole new level with variable capacity Inverter Technology. A large Breeze unit can function as a 12,000 Btu unit or as a 24,000 Btu unit or anywhere in between. It can switch capacities as you need it to so that it's always operating as efficiently as possible.




The advantages of Inverter Technology


  • Breeze™ features variable speed compressors and fans (called Inverter Technology), which reach the desired temperature faster, maintain it more accurately and reduce energy consumption with fewer compressor startups.




Breeze Comfort.


  • Breeze is comfort. Continuous air sweep and 4 fan speeds distribute air throughout the space. And Breeze has multiple operating modes including cooling, dehumidification, fan only, heat and auto which will switch between cooling and heating as needed to maintain the desired temperature.




Breeze Style.


  • The Breeze indoor unit comes in a light, neutral color so it can blend in with its surroundings and the outdoor unit is sleek and attractive but small enough to conceal if desired.








  • Model: BR0412W1A


  • Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr): 4000-12000


  • Heating Capacity (Btu/hr): 4000-12000


  • SEER: 17.8


  • EER: 11.8




Unit Dimensions


  • Depth: 7 1/4"


  • Width: 33 1/4"


  • Height: 10 3/4"


  • Max. Line Length: 25'


  • Max. Height Difference: 25'


  • Detailed Electrical Information


  • Voltage: 115


  • Max. Total Draw Fuse/Breaker: 15


  • Power Cord Length: 6'


  • Air Circulation: 353 cubic feet per minute


  • Est. Yearly Operating Costs: $74


  • Moisture Removal: 3.0 pints/hour


  • Net Weight: 41 1/2 lbs


  • Operating Temperatures (Cooling, °F):


  • Operating Temperatures (Heating, °F): n/a


  • Performance Certifications: ELT & cETL


  • Shipping Weight: 46 1/2 lbs




Unit Dimensions


  • Depth: 12 3/4"


  • Width: 33 1/2"


  • Height: 23 1/4"


  • Net Weight: 86 lbs


  • Shipping Weight: 95 lbs


  • Performance Certifications: ELT & cETL
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