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Abe's of Maine's History

Thank you for visiting Abe's of Maine. Here's a bit of history about us.

It all started back in 1979 when three brothers launched a summer shop out of Old Orchard Beach, near Portland, Maine. 

At that time, one of the most rapidly developing and expanding product lines was photography. Cameras were becoming more widely available and user friendly for various types of photographers. Eventually the store earned a reputation for knowledge and became a great destination for a wide variety of popular cameras and electronics. The stores enthusiasm for photography is still evident today. Besides bringing you the most popular products at the best prices, we really enjoy viewing your photos and selecting the winner of our monthly photo contest on Facebook.

In 1981 the store became a more permanent fixture - we opened year round and carried primarily cameras and electronics. The next year we also began advertising in national magazines; Popular Photography, Modern Photography and Shutterbug, to name a few. Today, web and phone orders account for most of our business; however we have several showrooms displaying our extensive product catalog to visitors in person. Our showroom staff enjoys guiding customers with their expertise and professional opinions.

In 1986 the Abe's of Maine family moved to a more convenient location - Brooklyn, New York. In magazine ads, there was a small addition beneath our name that informed customers where we were located, with the words "of Maine". After the first few years our reputation came to be known as that awesome electronics store, from or "of Maine".

Eventually we acknowledged our nickname and started to call ourselves Abe's of Maine, just like our customers. By the time we relocated to Brooklyn, Abe's of Maine had acquired a hard earned reputation as a store with a competent sales team, helpful customer service, and great prices. Therefore we opted to keep the long name intact, even though we were no longer "of Maine".

In Brooklyn, our showroom was bigger and more accessible, which encouraged even more people to visit us, so they could experience Abe's of Maine's great products, loyal customer service and fair pricing. Our Coney Island Avenue location was more convenient both for customers and manufacturers bringing in new products. The front of our store beautifully showcased the merchandise while the phones in the back kept ringing. Soon the internet revolution arose and Abe's of Maine evolved with the times. In 1999 we launched our first website, which progressed into the professional site you see today.

Through the years, we've worked on our website with our customers' help. Your feedback helps us upgrade our website's look and efficiency.

Now, more than ever, we've expanded our line, adding all sorts of electronics. We've even returned to the roots of our first store by adding more audio equipment to our inventory, we've also expanded our ever growing line of appliances, with a wide range of Appliances from knife sets to refrigerators. Since 1979, the Abe's of Maine business has been known as one of the most honest and reliable photo and electronic retailers.

Thank you for visiting Abe's of Maine. Here's a bit of history about us.
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