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Abe's of Maine's Promise

Abe's of Maine's Promise to Customers


Abe's of Maine, Customer Service with a Family Touch

At Abe's of Maine, we promise to provide the same personalized touch that we've provided in Maine more than 30 years ago. Every customer will be served with personal and individualized attention and with as much sincerity as when we lived next door to them in Maine.

Abe's of Maine, Extensive Selection at Low Prices

At Abe's of Maine, we promise to regularly stock the popular products that you want at low prices. You will also find thousands of rebates and coupons directly on our website for your convenience. Abe's low price has been a signature quality since 1979 and we're committed to keeping it that way.

Abe's of Maine, Knowledgeable Staff

At Abe's of Maine, we promise that our staff is knowledgeable and trained on all of our latest products. We have specialized in selling cameras and electronics since 1979, and have extensive familiarity of the products we sell. Whether or not you're a savvy buyer, our staff is prepared to assist you with your next purchase.

Abe's of Maine, Customer Satisfaction

At Abe's of Maine, we care about our customers and strive for your complete satisfaction. That's why we offer free shipping on thousands of products and a helpful customer service team. Most orders ship within 24-48 hours of purchase. We care and that's why we work hard to ensure that your experience with Abe's of Maine is exceptional.

Abe's of Maine, We Listen to You

We've grown by listening to our customers' suggestions and we promise to keep listening. You can call customer service at 1 (800) 992-2237 and choose option 2.


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