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Nikon D610 DSLR Camera (Body Only)

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Nikon D610 Packed with features that rival cameras costing nearly twice as much, the Nikon D610 is the least expensive full-frame 35mm sensor DSLR that Nikon makes and is a great way to enter full frame photography. Nikon says the 24.3MP FX-format CMOS sensor produces clean, noise-free images from ISO 100-6400. It can be expanded to 25,600. The camera offers 39 autofocus sensors for wide area AF coverage, including 9 cross-type sensors and 7 center focus points that work down to f/8. users can toggle between 9, 21 and 39 point autofocus, An all-new Continuous Quiet Mode is a burst rate that is accomplished in live view, without raising or lowering the mirror. This allows for high-speed photography in quiet shooting situations. Burst rate is 6 frames per second.


FX format makes a difference:


  • The D610's FX-format CMOS image sensor will transport your photography to new heights. Boasting a larger pixel than you'll get in other formats with the same pixel count, it's able to capture more light. This technical advantage has a huge impact on dynamic and image quality at high ISOs.



4 key assets:


  • Vital elements for a formidable machine - FX-format sensor, EXPEED 3, Picture Control and NIKKOR





  • NIKKOR lenses realize the sensor's full potential, achieving exquisite sharpness with minimized aberration, while rendering spectacular bokeh for a three dimensional look that's true-to-life.





  • The D610 takes full advantage of Nikon's EXPEED 3, the same image-processing engine found in the D4 and D800 series, meaning it can swiftly manage the large data files that an FX-format sensor produces.



Picture Control technology:


  • Picture Control technology makes it simple to tailor the look and feel of your stills and videos by fine-tuning their parameters using preset options. And with enhanced auto white balance accuracy for common shooting scenarios, the D610 reproduces colors naturally and precisely.



6-fps continuous shooting:


  • It's easier than ever to nail key moments with the D610. The camera boasts even faster continuous shooting than its predecessor, at up to approx. 6 fps in FX and DX formats - amazing when you consider that the former is recording 24.3 megapixels with each shot.



Qc shutter-release mode for quiet operation [NEW]:


  • The D610's new Qc (quiet continuous) shutter-release mode reduces mirror noise while still offering up to 3 fps, for maximum discretion in situations such as ceremonies and school plays, or when taking pictures of wildlife and insect



Approx. 100% frame coverage


  • The bright, clear glass prism of the D610's optical viewfinder covers approx. 100% of the image area, an invaluable asset for accurate framing. The approx. 0.7x magnification - the same as the D4 and D800/D800 - means it's easy to see all the visual elements in the viewfinder.



39 focus points and f/8 compatibility:


  • The D610's AF system gives you absolute confidence when capturing moving subjects by using 39 strategically placed focus points, with nine powerful cross-type sensors in the center to maintain accuracy even when light and contrast are low.



Double SD card slots:


  • The D610's double SD card slots provide multiple options for recording and storing large files: you can write RAW and JPEG data to separate cards, copy from one card to another, or select a slot according to the remaining capacity during video shooting.



Dependable body and shutter:


  • The D610's rugged body utilizes a durable magnesium alloy for the top and rear frames, and its weather-sealing gives it the same dust and moisture proof reliability as the D800 series.



Built-in flash to trigger remote Speedlights:


  • The D610's built-in flash makes Advanced Wireless Lighting with Nikon Speedlights even easier and more portable. Turn the flash to commander mode and you can wirelessly trigger your remote Speedlights (SB-700 or SB-910) with ease.



Full HD D-Movie and time-lapse feature:


  • The D610 can record 1080p Full HD video at 30p in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, with a choice of both FX- and DX-based movie formats, plus comprehensive audio control including a dedicated stereo headphone connector.








  • Type: Single-lens reflex digital camera


  • Lens Mount: Nikon F bayonet mount


  • Picture Angle: Nikon FX format


  • Effective Pixels: 24.3 million


  • Image Sensor: CMOS sensor, 35.9mm x 24.0mm, Nikon FX format


  • Total Pixels: 24.7 million


  • Dust-Reduction System: Image sensor cleaning


  • Dust-Off Reference Photo: Yes


File Format:

  • JPEG: JPEG-Baseline Compliant; can be selected from Size Priority and Optimal Quality 
  • JPEG: JPEG-Baseline Compliant with fine (approx 1:4), Normal (approx 1:8) or Basic (approx 1:16) Compression 
  • NEF (RAW): Lossless Compressed, Compressed or Uncompressed 12 or 14 bit 
  • TIFF (RGB)


Picture Control System:

  • Landscape 
  • Monochrome 
  • Neutral 
  • Portrait 
  • Standard 
  • User-customizable Settings 
  • Vivid


Storage Media:

  • SD 
  • SDHC 
  • SDXC 


  • Card Slots: 2 Secure Digital (SD)


File System:

  • Compliant with DCF (Design Rule for Camera File System) 2.0 
  • DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) 
  • EXIF 2.3 (Exchangeable Image File Format for Digital Still Cameras) 
  • PictBridge


  • Viewfinder: Eye-level Pentaprism Single-Lens Reflex Viewfinder


Viewfinder Frame Coverage:

  • FX (36x24): 100% Horizontal and 100% Vertical Approx. 
  • DX (24x16): 97% Horizontal and 97% Vertical Approx.


  • Viewfinder Eyepoint: 20.6mm (-1.0)


  • Viewfinder Diopter Adjustment: Built-in diopter adjustment (-3 to +1)


  • Viewfinder Magnification: 0.70x Approx.


  • Focusing Screen: Type B BriteView Clear Matte Mark VIII with AF Area Brackets (grid lines can be displayed)


Compatible Lenses:

  • AF NIKKOR lenses, including type G and D lenses (some restrictions apply to PC lenses) and DX lenses (using DX 24 × 16 1.5x image area), AI-P NIKKOR lenses, and non-CPU AI lenses (A and M modes only). 
  • IX NIKKOR lenses, lenses for the F3AF, and non-AI lenses cannot be used.


  • Reflex Mirror: Quick-return type


  • Slowest Shutter Speed: 30 sec.


  • Depth-of-field Control: Yes


  • Bulb Shutter Setting: Yes


  • Fastest Shutter Speed: 1/4000 sec.


Lens Compatibility at a Glanc:

  • AF-S or AF lenses fully compatible 
  • Metering with AI lenses


  • Shutter Type: Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter


  • Self-timer: 2, 5, 10, 20 sec. Timer duration electronically controlled



  • 1/4000 to 30 sec. 
  • Bulb


Flash Sync Speed:

  • Up to 1/200 sec. 
  • Synchronizes with shutter at 1/250s or slower


Release Modes:

  • Continuous low-speed [CL] mode; 1-5 frames per second 
  • Continuous high-speed [CH] mode; 5.5 frames per second 
  • Mirror-up [Mup] mode 
  • Quiet Shutter Release 
  • Self-timer mode 
  • Single-frame [S] mode


Continuous Shooting Options:

  • FX-format 
  • CH: Up to 6 frames per second 
  • CL: Up to 1-5 frames per second
  • Top Continuous Shooting: at full resolution 5.5 frames per second


  • Mirror Lock Up: Yes


  • Metering System: TTL exposure metering using 2,016-pixel RGB sensor


Metering System:

  • Center-weighted: Weight of 75% given to 8mm circle in center of frame 
  • Matrix: 3D color matrix metering II (type G and D lenses); color matrix metering II (other CPU lenses) 
  • Spot: Meters 4mm circle (about 1.5% of frame) centered on selected focus point


Metering Range:

  • 0 to 20 EV (3D color matrix or center-weighted metering) 
  • 0 to 20 EV (spot metering)


Exposure Meter Coupling:

  • Combined CPU and AI
  • Exposure Modes:
  • Aperture-Priority (A) 
  • Manual (M) 
  • Programmed auto with flexible program (P) 
  • Shutter-Priority (S)


  • Exposure Compensation: ±5 EV in increments of 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV in P, S, A, and M modes


  • Exposure Lock: Yes


  • Exposure Bracketing: 2 or 3 frames in steps of 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1 or 2 EV


ISO Sensitivity ISO 100 - 6400:

  • Lo-1 (ISO 50) 
  • Hi-1 (ISO 12,800) 
  • Hi-2 (ISO 25,600)


  • Lowest Standard ISO Sensitivity: 100


  • Highest Standard ISO Sensitivity: 6400


  • Lowest Expanded ISO Sensitivity: Lo-1 (ISO 50 equivalent)


  • Highest Expanded ISO Sensitivity: HI-2 (ISO 25,600 equivalent)


Expanded ISO Sensitivity Options:

  • Hi-1 (ISO-12,800 equivalent) in 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV 
  • Hi-2, (ISO-25,600 equivalent) 1 EV


  • Long Exposure Noise Reduction: Yes


High ISO Noise Reduction:

  • Low 
  • Normal 
  • High 
  • Off


Active D-Lighting:

  • Auto 
  • Extra High 
  • High 
  • Normal 
  • Low 
  • Off


D-Lighting Bracketing:

  • D-Lighting Bracketing 2 frames using selected value for one frame 
  • 3-5 frames using preset values for all frames


  • Single-point AF Mode: Yes


  • Dynamic AF Mode Number of AF points: 9, 21, 39 and 39 (3D-tracking)


  • Auto-area AF Mode: Yes


  • Autofocus System: Nikon Multi-CAM 4800 autofocus sensor module with TTL phase detection


Detection Range:

  • -1 to 19 EV (ISO 100, 68°F/20°C) 
  • Lens Servo Autofocus (AF): Single-servo AF (AF-S); Continuous-servo AF (AF-C); auto AF-S/AF-C selection (AF-A); predictive focus tracking activated automatically according to subject status 
  • Manual focus (MF): Electronic rangefinder can be used


AF-area mode:

  • 9, 21 or 39 point Dynamic-area AF 
  • Auto-area AF 
  • Single-point AF 
  • 3D-tracking (39 points)


Focus Lock:

  • Focus can be locked by pressing AE-L/AF-L button 
  • Focus can be locked by pressing shutter-release button halfway (single-servo AF)


Focus Modes:

  • Auto AF-S/AF-C selection (AF-A) 
  • Continuous-servo (AF-C) 
  • Face-Priority AF available in Live View only and D-Movie only 
  • Manual (M) with electronic rangefinder 
  • Normal area 
  • Single-servo AF (AF-S) 
  • Wide area


  • Maximum Autofocus Areas/Points:39


  • Autofocus Sensitivity: -1 to +19 EV (ISO 100, 20°C/68°F)


  • Autofocus Fine Tune: Yes


  • Built-in Flash: Yes


  • Flash Bracketing: 2 to 3 frames in steps of 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1 or 2 EV


  • Built-in Flash Distance: 39 ft. (ISO 100)


  • X-Sync Speed: 1/200


  • Top FP High Speed Sync: Up to 1/4000


  • Flash Control: TTL: i-TTL flash control using 2,016-pixel RGB sensor are available with built-in flash and SB-910, SB-900, SB-700, SB-400 or SB-300; i-TTL balanced fill-flash for digital SLR is used with matrix and center-weighting metering, standard i-TTL flash for digital SLR with spot metering


Flash Sync Modes:

  • Front-curtain sync (normal) 
  • Rear-curtain sync 
  • Red-Eye reduction 
  • Red-Eye reduction with slow sync 
  • Slow sync


  • Flash Compensation:-3 to +1 EV in increments of 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV


  • Flash-ready indicator: Lights when built-in flash or optional flash unit such as SB-910, SB-900, SB-400, SB-80DX, SB-28DX or SB-50DX is fully charged


  • Accessory Shoe: Yes


  • Nikon Creative Lighting System: (CLS) CLS Supported


White Balance:

  • Auto 
  • Choose color temperature (2500K-10000K) 
  • Cloudy 
  • Direct Sunlight 
  • Flash 
  • Fluorescent (7 types) 
  • Incandescent 
  • Preset manual (up to 4 values can be stored) 
  • Shade


  • White Balance Bracketing: 2 or 3 exposures


Live View Shooting:

  • Photography Live View Mode 
  • Movie Live View Mode


Live View AF-area mode:

  • Face-priority AF 
  • Wide-area AF 
  • Normal-area AF 
  • Subject-tracking AF


  • Live View Autofocus: Contrast-detect AF anywhere in frame (camera selects focus point automatically when face-priority AF or subject-tracking AF is selected)


Live View Scene Auto Selector:

  • Auto mode 
  • Auto (flash off) mode


  • Movie Metering: TTL exposure metering using main image sensor


Movie Maximum recording time:

  • 20 minutes at highest quality 
  • 29 minutes 59 seconds at normal quality
  • Movie File Format: MOV
  • Movie Video Compression: H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding
  • Movie Audio recording format: Linear PCM



  • HD 1,920x1,080 / 30 fps 
  • HD 1,920x1,080 / 25 fps 
  • HD 1,920x1,080 / 24 fps 
  • HD 1,280x720 / 60 fps 
  • HD 1,280x720 / 50 fps 
  • HD 1,280x720 / 30 fps 
  • HD 1,280x720 / 25 


Movie Audio:

  • Built-in microphone, monaural 
  • External stereo microphone (optional)


  • Monitor Size: 3.2 in. diagonal


  • Monitor Resolution: 921,000 Dots


  • Monitor Type: Wide Viewing Angle TFT-LCD


  • Monitor Angle of View: 170-degree wide-viewing angle


Monitor Adjustments:

  • Brightness, 5 levels 
  • Brightness control using ambient brightness sensor


  • Virtual Horizon Camera Indicator: Yes


Playback Functions:

  • Auto Image Rotation 
  • Full-Frame and Thumbnail (4, 9, or 72 images or calendar) 
  • Highlights 
  • Histogram Display 
  • Image Comment 
  • Movie Playback 
  • Movie Slideshow 
  • Playback with Zoom 
  • Slideshow


In-Camera Image Editing:

  • Color Balance 
  • Color Outline 
  • Color Sketch 
  • D-Lighting Distortion Control 
  • Edit Movie 
  • Filter Effects 
  • Fisheye 
  • Image Overlay 
  • Miniature Effect 
  • Monochrome 
  • NEF (RAW) Processing 
  • Perspective Control 
  • Quick Retouch
  • Red-Eye Correction 
  • Resize 
  • Selective Color 
  • Side-by-Side Comparison
  • Straighten 
  • Trim


  • Image Comment: Yes


  • Interface:

Accessory Terminal: Remote Cord: MC-DC2 (available separately); GPS 

  • unit: GP-1 (available separately) 
  • HDMI output: Type C mini-pin HDMI connector 
  • Headphone Connector 
  • Hi-speed USB 
  • Stereo Microphone Input


Wi-Fi Functionality:

  • Eye-Fi Compatible 
  • WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter



  • GP-1 GPS unit 
  • GP-1A GPS unit


  • Save/Load Camera settings: Yes


  • Total custom Settings: 50


  • My Menu: Yes with customization


  • Recent Settings: Yes


Supported Languages:

  • Arabic 
  • Brazilian Portuguese 
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) 
  • Czech 
  • Danish 
  • Dutch 
  • English 
  • Finnish 
  • French 
  • German 
  • Greek 
  • Hindi 
  • Hungarian 
  • Indonesian 
  • Italian 
  • Japanese 
  • Korean 
  • Norweigan 
  • Polish 
  • Portuguese 
  • Romanian 
  • Russian 
  • Spanish 
  • Swedish 
  • Thai 
  • Turkish 
  • Ukrainian


  • Date, Time and Daylight Savings Time: Yes


  • World Time Setting: Yes


  • Battery / Batteries: EN-EL15 Lithium-ion Battery


  • Battery Life (shots per charge): 900 shots per charge (Battery Life) (CIPA)



AC Adapter:

  • EH-5b AC Adapter 
  • Requires EP-5B Power Supply Connector


  • Battery Charger: MH-25 Quick Charger


  • Tripod Socket: 1/4 in.


Approx. Dimensions:

  • Width: 5.6 in. (141mm)
  • Height: 4.4 in. (113mm)
  • Depth: 3.2 in. (82mm)
  • Approx. Weight: 26.8oz. (760g) - camera body only


  • Operating Environment: 0-40 °C (+32 104 °F)
f:null --f2:null